Bug: unexpected line-break when entering second verse

• Sep 17, 2020 - 13:52

When I enter the second verse of some lyrics, I do the following:

  1. double-click on the first syllable of the first verse.
  2. press enter
  3. enter the second verse.

What musescore does, is to make an unexpected line-break (new line) in the first verse, BUT ONLY the first time trying this out. So when I remove the line break and press enter, I jump to the second verse.

I suppose this line-break is a bug.


In order to investigate, we would need you to attach the specific score where see this problem. I tried this on a score of my own and had no problems. So likely the issue is specific to the lyric or the note or something else.

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Hah! I found what I did. I have a big keyboard (Logitech K780 on an iMac) and when I press the enter key at the very right (next to the numpad), the line break happens. Every time.

Okay, maybe it's intentional and not a bug. Sorry for the confusion.

Another small aspect I just want to mention, maybe it's intentional too:
When you have multiple verses and you are editing for example in the first verse and you press enter, you do not end up in the second verse, but on another layer in front of the second verse, for which I don't know a use case. I would have expected to end up in the already written second verse (like in excel).

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Interesting! Probably the numeric Enter is sending a different keycode than the standard Enter. I know computers typically distinguish between "carriage return" and "line feed", maybe that's part of it.

I am not understanding the point about Enter not going to the second verse in some particular score of yours, however - for me it always works as expected. So again, in order to understand and assist, we'd need you to attach the specific score you are having trouble with, and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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I am sorry for my bad explanations. Rest assured that I dont want to irritate you. I am a huge fan of musescore so I try to give feedback.

So, for my second "problem":

I attached an image, because it explains it. First verse is "Hallo", second "Welt".

When i am editing the word "Hallo" and press enter, I do not land in "Welt", but in a text box on top of "Welt". I think I should land in "Welt", because this is how for example excel handles enter: it jumps to the next line.

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I think I see what you mean. Enter isn't the support key for this function, Down is, as mentioned. Enter actually serves a different function, it allows you to create new lyrics for the same verse number. Maybe that's not all that useful a function and could be reconsidered, but anyhow, the answer for now is, if you don't want that result, don't use that key.

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