'Note input' mode

• Sep 18, 2020 - 12:59

Here is is again!

When a questioner asks elsewhere on the forum to disable 'note input' mode, the conversation morphs into ties et al. Re-framing the issue, and not answering the question.
My question is simple. There are times when I find persistent and automatic reversion to activate 'note input' extremely disruptive. I do not score that way. Almost every note I wish to enter, I must save the complete score, then press 'esc', to clear 'note input'. Without saving the score, 'esc' does not disable note input mode. I wish it did. When I forget, or I am distracted, 'note input' messes up my choice, and I have to go back.

Yes, in a simple run, note input is useful for a couple of bars. Until its intrusive persistence messes me up again. Then ... sigh.
Unless it is a particular problem to write into the software, why not allow a command to disable 'note input' when opening the score? Purists can still ignore that disabling command, and have the default setting as it is now.


I guess I'm not understanding how input mode is crossing you up. How do you score if you are not inputting something on a staff?

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OK. Imagine: you are inputting notes. You press keyboard c and get a crotchet. You then realise that it should be a minim. Selecting minim from the dashboard doesn't work - your selected note remains greyed out. You have to come out of note input to revise your note. This is tedious.

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There are shortcuts I love that help with this.

Q, halves the duration of the last entered note
W, doubles the duration of the last entered note
shift+Q subtracts a dot from the last entered note
shift+W adds a dot to the last entered note

BTW, if you are not in note input mode they affect the selected note but will either overwrite what follows or add rests as appropriate (the other notes do not move).

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