drum input problem

• Sep 19, 2020 - 12:35

My drum notes remain at the same point in time, no cursor advance, even when I select another location. I get numerous notes (eg. Bass Drum) at the same location. Tried:

  • new piece with only drums
  • downloading a new version of Musescore
  • watching endless easy-to-do-it youtubes

no success.



Check your note entry mode also. There is an icon with a triangle to the right of it. This is usually the first icon on the second row of toolbars. If the icon is not a fancy N, then you have change note input modes somehow. If you hover your mouse over this icon it always has a pop up help that starts "Enter notes..." Other modes have various dots and notes with brackets on the icons but the triangle is always to its right. To fix it, click the triangle and select "Step-time (Default)"

Otherwise I would suggest that you attach a or the problem score so someone can look at it.

Also say how you are trying to enter the notes - using the keyboard shortcuts, by double-clicking the palette icons, by clicking the palette icon then clicking in the score, or via a MIDI input device. If the latter, probably it is not sending recognizable note off messages.

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