Real-time (Automatic) Notation for MIDI Guitar

• Sep 19, 2020 - 21:06

Question 1 - If Real-time (automatic) notation works for a MIDI keyboard, it should also work for a MIDI guitar, right? Has anyone tried this with a Jamstik? I need something to speed up entering notes. I'm okay with the idea of cleaning things up afterwards.

Question 2 - The manual states: "You cannot enter notes into more than one voice at a time" and yet Peter Jonas (on Youtube) shows that you can enter multiple independent voices simultaneously on a single staff ( at 5:55 in the video. He does it with a simple chord where one note is held longer than the other. Not sure if it works with true polyphonic music. Can this sort of thing be done with a MIDI guitar?

Question 3 - If I can't enter multiple voices on a single staff simultaneously, can I go back and add a second or third voice to the same measures using a MIDI guitar to enter the notes? Does anyone have any experience doing this?

Thanks in advance to the Musescore Brain Trust.


  1. MIDI input messages are irrespective of the instrument/machine/console. We simply listen to note on and note off messages.
    But if speed is what you're looking for, then using the computer keyboard will likely be even faster if you can get used to it.

  2. What you're seeing in that video is not input in different voices. It is a single-voiced chord tied to another note in the same single voice. Not sure at all how a MIDI guitar works and times it's off messages, but if it sends: note1 + note2 ON, followed by note2 OFF and then later by note1 OFF, then you'll get the notation as shown.

  3. MIDI input should honor the voice selection. So yes, you should be able to go back and input another voice using MIDI.

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