Mojave operating system on Mac

• Sep 20, 2020 - 22:48

I recently switched from Cataline to Mojave operating system on my MacBook Pro, to solve some compatibility problems with my iPhone. But to my chagrin, all my recent MuseScore files will not open. Oddly, older ones do open. Anyone have this problem?


Actually, I goofed there: I recently moved from Mojave to Catalina. Since that move, all recently MuseScore files won't open at all. Any ideas?

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When I open my MuseScore app, I'm in the Start Center. My most recent scores appear in miniature, showing the first page and the title. I just click on the little score. For older ones, it opens as usual; but the ones created in the past few months don't have the picture of the score--they are blank (though the title appears). And if I click on them, I get the stop sign message.

I can't figure out how to attach one of the problem scores, as anything I try results in the stop sign message.

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