soundfont adding and reordering

• Sep 21, 2020 - 00:41

hey folks

when i add a new soundfont via the synthezier, it always adds it at the TOP of the list; this unfortunately then can mess up the ordering of the instruments i've got in my mixer list, so i always want new sounfonts added LAST. Then, i could move them up if i chose.

Thus - a large soundfont has to be moved down 1 slot at a time, as there is no double arrow choice to move to the bottom of the list; and when i already have 10 or so soundfonts installed, this is a long and tiresome process.

is there a workaround here? can we either add a soundfont to the END of the list, or add a double-arrow to move it all the way to the bottom in one go?


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