Use a different stave/instrument setup on 2nd page

• Sep 21, 2020 - 19:45

Is it possible to set up page 2 of a score with a different choice of staves and instruments to page 1? It's not for an actual music score but for some TAB/Notation reference documentation. I've looked at parts in the manual but these don't seem to be quite the answer.


It's going to stay in MS and be uploaded so I can access easily from any device. I'll try the hide stave option first and resort to PDF if necessary. I've already finished page 1 so is it too late to use the hide staves solution?

FWIW, I use the hide empty staves facility for this sort of thing all the time in creating educational materials where different parts of the same score might need totally different instrumentation. Depending on the specifics, I might use the style option to do this globally, or I might set any one particular staff to always hide when empty, in Staff/Part Properties.

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Each instrument has however many staves assigned to it. Guitar usually has 1 (or 2 with standard and tablature) piano usually has 2 and so forth. All of the instruments make a system (if it's 1 or more) and systems are kept in tact at all times by MuseScore. Your guitar neck picture is independent of the system so it did not have to stay with the system. Your best bet is probably to open Format->Page settings and reduce the scaling. There's a preview in that window so you'll know when you have the right scaling.

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If you need staff 9 where it is, then add it. Put a page break where page 1 ends (don't worry about the layout yet) and add notes only to the staves you need on page 2. When you're done with page 2 put a page break on the last measure there. BTW, if page 2 is a new song that needs new instrument names, put a section break in the last measure of page 1 also. If the staves become too many for the page there are a couple of options on how to deal with that when the time comes.

Well, I've got it working by using a combination of the knowledge shared in this thread. In the end I left page 1 as it was and then added 13 bars to the score, (open string + 12 frets). This made a complete system on page 2 and allowed me to use the "always hide empty staves" on just the notation staves.

  • Result = 2 TAB staves, no notation.

Now just add another 2 x 13 bars and use line breaks every 13 to match the guitar neck image.

  • Result = 6 TAB staves on page 2 ready for data. Page 1 remains unchanged.

Thanks for the help. Probably not the primary use for hidden staves but very useful.

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What you're doing isn't something I've seen discussed before but the idea is exactly what Hide Empty staves is for. If you want, you can remove the check from the option under Hide Empty staves that starts "Do not hide..." and the empty staves on p1 will disappear.

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