Update 3.5.28537

• Sep 21, 2020 - 22:20

Just did this update today and a large majority of my saved .mscz files are GONE. Nowhere to be found. I checked everywhere. Also, the files that I do have are opening messed up. The formatting is all wrong.

I wish I had ignored the update.
I need my files back, am I just missing something?
Pleas help...it was hundreds of hours to write those and I need them for my business.



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Then try this. Open your file manager and navigate to the root directory (usually C) and search all sub directories for a score you remember the name of and open the location of the score you find. This will tell you which directory it is in. MuseScore did not delete your scores. Tell us the path and it will confirm (or not) that you upgraded from a 2.x version.

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I have no idea how to do it on a Mac and you did it wrong if you can't find any score you previously saved. I don't think you accidentally did it and there is no way MuseScore did it. I don't know what the path is to version 2 scores on a Mac. The only instructions I found were for version 3 and I think you upgraded from version 2 because you say the score you found was messed up.

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Yes, that feature is called Time Machine, but it only works if you have an external drive plugged in all the time and the featured turned on, which essentially saved everything you do on the Mac. Its hugely consuming, so I don't use it.

I'm actually very good with Macs. I only asked about accessing the files you mentioned because I was very busy working and didnt have time to look it up. I did though. Its as simple as pulling up the main HD and searching in there. They're not there.

I don't upload my music to MS so unfortunately that's not an option.

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Could they have been stored on SD card storage? (if a mac can have these).

Could they have been in a temp folder which got cleared?

Is there a recycle bin on a mac?

I don't mean to ask daft questions, just trying to think of anywhere else your files could be. I don't believe that the MS updater would delete them.

Unrelated but please ensure you have backups of any critical files, not just MS files but all files that you would miss if your computer died.

Not to worry, no update to MsueScore ever touches any single file of yours. Whatever folder you saved them to, they are still right there. It isn't clear what is making you think they are gone - perhaps they are not showing in the "Recent Files" list? But if you saved them to your computer somewhere, they are still right there, in the exact same location you saved them to. So all you need to do is take a step back and try to remember or figure out what folder you saved them to, and then browse to that folder and they will all be right there waiting for you!

I don't know how you did your search, but often searches only look in the "expected" places. It's possible you saved some files to "unexpected" places, and the search isn't finding them. For one of the files you are having trouble finding what is your best recollection of the name of the folder you saved it to?

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Well, then this may be the first time, because I'm now convinced they're not there. I can't find them by doing a FULL computer wide search for the extension or the name. I tried many different ways. I'm not new to computers. I have built websites and I work with advanced programs, so I know how to find a file that's hiding.

Upon opening the updated Musescore the Start Center didnt show my normal set of scores. But I thought, no problem I will just open them thought File > Open. But they weren't there either. I searched the Macintosh HD, the package contents of the application, the normal folder "Musescore3" where they usually go. Nowhere to be found. I'm also really confused as I don't see how an update could have done this, but it did.

My last resort is to use the PDFs of the sheet music and import them into Musescore, then do adjustments to the formatting most likely.

What a pain.

Thank you all for your help. Whoever closes these things can do so.

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Again, a MuseScore update never ever ever deletes your scores. The updater simply isn't capable of doing so. if you saved them to a specific folder on your computer, they absolutely positively are still there. At least, the update process would not be what removed them - it's possible some other operation you performed, like a disk space cleanup operation, removed them. It's possible we can retrace your steps to figure out what happened and find your files, but in order to succeed there needs to be unquestioned certainty that the update did not remove these files, so that all other avenues can be explored fully.

So, what is the exact pathname of the folder where you believe those files were saved? What was the last date (approximate) on which you accessed those files?

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