Note Head Names, please add the option of changing the note name plyphs to black.

• Sep 22, 2020 - 00:51

"Inspector>note>Head scheme>pitch name" in MuseScore 3.5.
In Jonathan Ensminger’s original plug-in for adding Note Head Names there is a choice of black or white for the notename glyphs. This is essential on note colors like yellow because a white letter on a yellow note does not have enough color contrast to be clearly visible. MuseScore 3.5 only has a “white” note name plyphs. I would like to use all six of the primary spectrum colors on the notes of my children’s songs to make the score look beautiful for beginning students.
Please add a handle so that the note name plyphs has the option of being either BLACK or the current WHITE.
Jon emailed these details:
I don't see any available handles to access the contrasting color property on the notename glyphs. I would need to dig into the current source code - don't have time to do that right now. It looks like they're providing a double glyph (two layers). The layer underneath is the white one, which doesn't change even if you change the background color of the page ("paper") in the MuseScore Preferences. The glyphs are like stencils, and the contrasting (white color) is a layer underneath the main glyph. If only one glyph were provided, you would see the background color of the page showing through as the letter (for colored noteheads) and as the background of the white (breve, etc) notes.
Thanks - Jay

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