Copy/paste frames

• Sep 22, 2020 - 19:27

Dear Musescore colleagues:
I would like to be able to copy frames between scores (or within a score).
Say if I want to combine multiple scores to one: It works OK to copy/paste the "note/bars-part",
but the frame-content (Title, composer, subtitle etc. etc.) need to be "retyped".
I do not find a way to select a frame "with content" and insert/copy the frame into another score
(or even within a score itself).

So, I would like to have this function:
1: Select frame with content
2. Copy
3: Paste (or insert) copied frame.

Am I missing something here?


For MuseScore 4, there will be no need for any of this, there will be an "Album" feature to combine scores more automatically.

Meanwhile a manual frame copy could indeed be useful, feel free to submit this as a "Suggestion" to the issue tracker (see Support menu above).

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