Brace showing up in status bar after using symbols in text

• Sep 23, 2020 - 00:32

1) Add text in vertical frame for instance
2) Add for example a sharp or flat from the second series (the fourth icon over)

3) Result is a huge status bar when selecting the text showing as if a "brace":

I recall this happening a long time ago and supposed it got fixed, but apparently not. This is on an XFCE based Linux distro.

Is this still known and just not fixed? Or does it seem to be something that was supposed to be fixed and regressed.


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This display is tied into the UI Font. For me on windows, that defaults to "Segoe UI", which shows a "1" as staff text contents in the status bar as well. Changing the font to BravuraText for example, shows the flat correctly.

So my guess is that whatever font your UI is defaulting to (UbuntuSans?) has that big brace in the codepoint where SMuFL places the flat sign. Check (and/or change) your MuseScore UI Font in the preferences window, first tab, where the theme selection happens.

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Oh, I hadn't thought of that! My UI font (on a Debian installation within Chrome OS) is simply called "Sans Serif". But even when I switch to something else, the flat sign still displays correctly. I tried a number of fonts and they all worked. Making me think somehow a fallback is kicking in for me but not for everyone? Or, as mentioned, maybe the font being used just has a randomly wrong symbol at that codepoint.

Checking Bravura and Bravura Text fonts in FontForge reveals that the fourth position after a flat is indeed a bracket. I wonder if this is relevant?

For example, here's a screenshot:

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