Can MuseScore extract/create arrangements?

• Aug 27, 2014 - 17:49

Hi all,

I know this will sound incredibly lazy on my part and this is probably just wishful thinking but I was wondering if there was a feature or plug-in for MuseScore that can take a solo piano score (with a single treble and bass clef) and extract the voices out into individual clefs? In other words, say I have a solo piano version of a classical piece that I'd like to arrange for string quartet, can MuseScore take that piano score and extract the individual notes to create a 4 instrument arrangement?



If it's an incredibly simple piece - all notes entered into separate 4 separate voices, or else all parts with the exact same rhythm - then the "explode" plugins will accomplish this. But it won't work unless everything happens to line up perfectly. In the general case, it's simply impossible - what if there are more than 4 notes at places? More than 4 independent rhythms? Fewer than 4 notes? etc.

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