Apply/Cancel: Not Clear Symbols (Linux, 3.x, 9/24)

• Sep 26, 2020 - 12:24

Aren't they supposed to be more distinct? I mean the tick and x symbols in the Apply/Cancel Buttons.
They are more distinct in the dark theme so the problem is only in light.
If that's an issue should I insert it in the tracker?


I think those buttons are the OS-defaults used by Qt (the underlying cross-platform gui framework used by MuseScore).

MuseScore just asks for the default OK/Cancel/Apply buttons and doesn't define them itself. For reference, here is how it looks on Windows 10:

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As far as I know, MuseScore doesn't define these icons. It simply asks Qt, "please display an OK button and make it look like the native OK buttons on the system". It is then up to Qt and the OS to negotiate the rest. In other words, MuseScore is no more in control over the icons used here than it is over the decorations in the window itself.

Have you customize your theme settings somewhere, perhaps, either in MuseScore (Edit / Preferences / Advanced) or in your window manager? For me on a Linux system (Debian), I see much more prominent icons by default:

Screenshot 2020-09-27 at 8.09.52 AM.png

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