Paste half / double duration

• Sep 27, 2020 - 14:19

Was this feature implemented? I see reference in the help that it was added as of 3.1, but I have 3.5 on Mac, and I don't see this option.


It's in the edit menu on most platforms I think it's called the MuseScore menu on Mac. You can also assign a shortcut to it in preferences which I did. I used ctrl+shift+q for half and ctrl+shift+w for double since q is half the duration of the current note and w is double the duration.

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I must be dense.. I don't see it in either place... and looking at the shortcuts, looks like it is SHIFT+COMMAND+Q / W as stated, but when I try SHIFT+COMMAND+Q, seems there is an OS level shortcut, which prompts: "Are you sure you want to quite all applications and log out now?"

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Thanks, Mike.. per my prior message re frequency of use.. the complexity of this software (for good reason) doesn't lend my mind to develop muscle memory on these nuances and remember shortcuts (perhaps if I were 30 years younger and used hours at a time.. but that's simply not the case).

My suggestion would be for the developers to resolve this MDL issue.

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