Notes are just plain wrong...

• Oct 17, 2009 - 00:59

I have been arranging a piece for my middle school's band, but I have been having a problem. I have one bar for Flute playing a series of notes in the C key. (So nothing in it's key signature)

The next part should be an exact replica of the flute's part but an octave lower. The instrument is a b flat clarinet, and has and F and C sharp in it's key signature. Problem is, the notes are WRONG. It should be playing an exact copy, octave lower.

I think that this has been addressed before, but I didn't get a definitive way to fix the problem. If I can't fix it in a short amount of time, I'll record and document the problem further.


Not all the notes are wrong, just some of them, that's how I know it's not my error. The first measure is correct, but the second measure has a few wrong notes.

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Did you generate the clarinet part by copying the flute part and then having MuseScore transpose it, or did you just copy the flute part note for note? It sounds as if the part was not transposed properly. Can you attach the score for inspection to help with diagnoses?
Also can you tell us what Version of the program you are using and what operating system you are using it on.


Please share the MuseScore file and tell us step-by-step what you did. Also tell use exactly what you expected to happen and what actually happened. Just saying that you did something and some of the notes are wrong doesn't allow us to help you.

I'm guessing that you copied the flute part and pasted into the clarinet part. Finale will automatically transpose the flute part up two half steps when pasting into a clarinet part, and it will be correct. MuseScore puts in the exact same pitches when it pastes.

For example, in MuseScore 4 quarter notes that are F-G-A-Bb in the flute part, when copied and pasted into the clarinet part, will still be F-G-A-Bb, instead of the properly transposed G-A-B-C. You can fix this one of two ways: 1.) Hit the "Concert Pitch" button in the upper left hand corner (to put the whole score in concert key), copy, paste, then hit the "Concert Pitch" button again (to make it transposed). I don't like doing it this way, because MuseScore will sometimes stubbornly not want to transpose a note the way I want. For example, it will transpose a C# to a Db, and REFUSE to make it a C# unless I do it manually. Then the next time I hit the Concert Pitch button twice, it will be BACK to Db! I prefer this way: 2.) Copy the flute part, paste into the clarinet part, hit the up button twice while the whole clarinet part is still selected. That sends everything up two half steps and makes it transposed correctly. I sometimes have the same problem as in #1, but if I change it once, I'm never hitting the Concert Pitch button, so it stays fixed.

NOTE: I think it would be better if MuseScore *could* transpose automatically when copying/pasting between two parts with different keys.

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