Bad notes length (shortened) when exporting midiFile using museScore

• Sep 28, 2020 - 08:07
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S5 - Suggestion

1) Write a score with some half and whole notes
museScore score (hand writed in museScore).png
2) export the score as a midiFile
3) check the midifile, and note's durations

Exported as midiFile and imported in Ableton Live,
Every note has been shortened !...
(An exported whole has a duration of 3.75 instead of 4 quarters,
same for the half notes)
midi exported by museScore.png

The same score using Sibelius, exported as midiFile and imported in Ableton Live
Note's length are now correct (that means that the problem doesn't come from Ableton Live.
Importing the museScore midifile in music21 monitors bad note lengths as well.

Notice that it's the default behavior of museScore. I didn't check / uncheck any museScore option.
It can be easily reproduced (and I didn't find any workaround).

It is a major issue. I cannot be confident in museScore midifile output as it doesn't reflect the written score.
With the bad instrument name formatting bug, it makes museScore almost unusable to work with music21, for example...


As far as I can tell this is by design, as for some instruments (Flute, Traverso, Pianos) the duration (gateTime) is set to 95% to allow a subtle slur effect (by then increasing to 100%)


I get your point but... this behavior should be bypassed when the user explicitly exports the midifile.
The fact that the exported MidiFile doesn't match the score, means that the midifile is wrong.

Let's say I want to write 4 quarters that play legato, there's no way to generate such a midiFile using museScore.
This feature makes museScore buggy and there's no workaround. I believe it is a problem.

After some tests, it appears that the "shortening" is applied to any note, whatever its duration is.
So the "gap" isn't consistent (it depends on the note's length, and the tempo).

If I export a "4 tied wholes" score, the gap is almost 1 quarter long (!).

This shortening feature is okay for playback. but it is not the default behavior we should expect when exporting a score to midiFile, and at least, we should have an option to disable it...

Severity S3 - Major S5 - Suggestion
Status by design active

OK, not a bug though, so a feature request to ignore those on MIDI export