Tenor Clef

• Sep 28, 2020 - 19:37

I am not sure how to get Tenor Clef as an option to use. Also, I would like to suggest that Alto & Tenor Clef be added under the General drop down tab when creating a new score. I find myself wasting too much time trying to find these options when I am just trying to make a quick piece to practice with.


You'd get an Alto or Tenor clef automatically when picking an instrument that usually uses it (e.g. Viola and Tenor (C-Clef)).
And after the fact you can get it from the Clefs palette.

Also, if you are regularly writing viola (oops, that's alto clef, but still...) scores, easiest thing to do is create one normally, then simply save that to your Templates folder. Now it will be available to choose from alongside the other templates for all future scores you create.

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