How to move a note or a rest within the same measure.

• Sep 29, 2020 - 05:28

sometimes a note or a rest is in an undesirable position in a measure. How can I replace the note to the right position without rebuilding the whole measure?


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Cut (ctrl+x) does not affect the length of the measure. If it starts with 4 beats it still has 4 beats after the cut. Of course some of them will turn into rests if they were previously notes. If you don't use the filter selector (F6), it will cut everything in every voice in the selection and possibly leave some unexpected note durations in other voices but this is by design. If you select 3 beats, one might expect 3 beats to be cut, not an entire note in voice 2 that might make the selection automatically to expand to 4 beats. This is the basis of the decision made when the range selection was programmed. With this knowledge, the user can adjust the range selection appropriately and use the filter selector if needed.

The measure is not corrupt, that means something totally different in MuseScore. A corrupt measure is one that does not have the correct number of beats in it for it's actual length (as shown in measure properties).

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