You have 13,247 seconds left

• Oct 5, 2020 - 03:55

When Benjamin Franklin tromped about Paris, and later around 1870 at the French International Metre Commission, visionaries considered converting from hours/minutes/seconds to metric time ... but the notion was eventually rejected.

So it seems odd that the MuseScore forum expresses "the remaining time to edit a post" in seconds. Initially the remaining time is 43,200 seconds, which is 12 hours.

Of course we must only apply INT and MOD to determine the number of minutes and seconds remaining, but my inner Babylonian wonders. "Why does the forum expresses "remaining time" is seconds ... rather than hours, minutes and seconds?"



I can't think of a reply as amusing as your post....!

This Info Message is a fine example of unwanted precision, when the remaining time could better be expressed in hours and minutes - discarding the leftover seconds. That scale would inform the user much better - using less precision.

If it's difficult find a consensus on switching to common parlance perhaps we can revisit the topic in 31,557,600 seconds.

I mean, in one year.


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