Edit time issue

• Jun 11, 2019 - 16:14
S5 - Suggestion

About that one option, ie. "You have 43200 seconds time to edit this issue." Why are they seconds? Instead of 43200 seconds, which is really hard to understand, how much time it actually is, you should replace it by 12 hours. Or ie. 32564 should be 9 hours, 2 minutes and 44 seconds.


almost 8 hours

Whatever the number is, it tells you that you can still change. And closed to its end, it comes clearer automatically, "just 30 seconds left, hurry up now"

What bothers me much more, is that you can alter a forum topic after there has been a reply already, which may render the reply wrong , useless, hanging mid-air.

I agree. It's troubling that users can change posts after they've been responded to. But on the other hand, if you type something really boneheaded you're not forced to respond to yourself if you catch it WHILE someone else is responding. It was rather annoying in the past when I went to edit my own post and I couldn't because someone else responded before I could finish fixing my original post. The web page just refused to cooperate with updating the post.

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But if you have to go somewhere, and before that, you check how much time you have, and you have no time to convert it, you have to hurry. Let's say, 28692 seconds. You may not know, how much do you have time to be in that "somewhere", before you return.
If the time was displayed as 7 hours, 58 minutes and 12 seconds, however, you do know, how much do you have time.

Status active fixed

I believe the time restriction on issues and forum posts/replies has been removed. (I just checked and I was able to edit an issue created years ago)