Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Cross-staff beams getting thicker from the side, from far away, looking jaggy joonatanrinne1 61 3 weeks ago
Issue Can't change audio source in I/O preferences, keeps resetting joonatanrinne1 1 3 weeks ago
Issue Weird arpeggio symbol issues joonatanrinne1 3 3 weeks ago
Issue Automatic placement takes a lot of space joonatanrinne1 3 1 month ago
Issue Scientific pitch notation bug joonatanrinne1 13 1 month ago
Issue Unable to change to enharmonic equivalent of key signature in transposed instruments in middle of a score joonatanrinne1 3 2 months ago
Issue Allow instrument name change by double or right-clicking name in score Gertjan Veenstra 32 2 months ago
Issue Trills and other ornaments with sharp or flat signs guifre 26 3 months ago
Forum topic How to compress final bar? joonatanrinne1 3 4 months ago
Issue Changing staff name resets the clef of that staff joonatanrinne1 3 4 months ago
Forum topic What is this song? joonatanrinne1 0 4 months ago
Forum topic Who are the composers in the announcements? joonatanrinne1 2 4 months ago
Issue Crash by changing settings. joonatanrinne1 3 5 months ago
Issue Language change issue joonatanrinne1 4 5 months ago
Forum topic Can't remember one song joonatanrinne1 10 8 months ago
Issue Jagged beams are still there joonatanrinne1 2 8 months ago
Forum topic Can't remember one song joonatanrinne1 0 8 months ago
Issue Weird jagged beams are still in 3.3.2 joonatanrinne1 2 10 months ago
Issue Add 3/2 time signature to advanced workspace and master palette joonatanrinne1 9 1 year ago
Issue Ties disappear in complex tuplets when loaded. joonatanrinne1 2 1 year ago
Issue Piano keyboard display does not update when changing note by using arrow keys. joonatanrinne1 13 1 year ago
Issue Edit time issue joonatanrinne1 7 1 year ago
Issue Advancing issue joonatanrinne1 0 1 year ago
Issue hour issue joonatanrinne1 16 1 year ago
Issue Local time issue joonatanrinne1 3 1 year ago