Weird beams

• Apr 15, 2019 - 18:36
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S4 - Minor
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Sometimes, beams go weird. They're not smooth than usually, they're like square and raise like stairs.


Status active needs info

In order to investigate, we would need you to attach the score you are having trouble with.

Also, check your "Draw anti-aliased" setting in Edit / Preferences / Canvas and see if changing it helps.

Something definitely seems wrong with your score or something about your settings / installation, but it's hard to investigate from just pictures. Can you please attach the actual score? Also, are you seeing this only with cross-staff beams? They are definitely laid out a bit differently, and that setting should help. Can you also try with 3.1 beta? Also, if you export as PDF, or SVG, or a high resolution PNG, do you see it there?

I have the same problem. When I edit something and the score is not yet saved, the beams look normal. However when I save it, it looks like: Saved.png
This only happens when the notes are spanned too long. When not, I don't know if the bug disappears or it just becomes less obvious so that I cannot see it through bare eyes.

Reported version 3.0 3.x-dev

I don't know but since my case happens in 3.1-beta, it should be updated...? Unless the post author and I are talking about different issues.

Reported version 3.0 3.x-dev

Ah, that explains why I don't hear them in 3.0.5, having 3.1 Beta installed too, along with the HQ soundfont
And yes, in 3.1 Beta I see it too

I don't see any problem loading this score into my current build, either. But I certainly believe the problem existed at one time and am by no means convinced it is fixed. I know that beam layout happens in several stages, and I could imagine something like the picture happening if things got out of sync somehow between those stages. Like, hmm, if in the middle of the layout, we realized we couldn't fit a measure onto the system we originally thought we could, so then we had to redraw it on the next system but it still had half-finished layout from before going on. That sort of thing, anyhow - that's not an actual analysis but more an example of the sort of thing that could potentially have been happening.

That said, I tried everything I could think of to force this problem to appear (looking at measure 25, clarinets, bassoons, and strings), and was not successful.

Frequency Once Few

I'm continuing to see this happen in the second 3.1-beta with scores created in the second 3.1-beta. To temporarily fix it a choose a start beam and reapply it and it looks better for a while, then at some point I edit something that seems unrelated and it becomes distorted again.

The jagged beams from the original report are different from the more distorted beams that appear in other reports. The jagged beams I do think are related to cross-staff notation, something about the fact they are laid out later than other elements, and as far as I know it's on on-screen rendering glitch only. As far as I know it won't affect print or export.

The other distortions are more seriously because even though they come and go, they can appear in print/export. However, I have now confirmed that all reported cases of this I have been able to reproduce are due to the same problem, which is #289933: Layout shift in measure at start of system. I have a pending PR for that. For the record, this can happen on the first measure of a system on a page >1 there are different key signatures between staves (eg, with transposing instruments), and one of the staves has a full measure rest at the start of the system.