Make it easier to add and delete measures

• Oct 17, 2009 - 13:12
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To append measures, a simple plus button at the very end would do. To add measures (in the middle), perhaps a plus button over the barline on hover (like Google Docs does with tables)? To delete measures, how about a "Delete" option in the menubar and under the right-click menu of (a) selected (in any way, not just the special "Command"/"Control" way) measure(s)?


Title Make it easier to add and delete measures I can't add measures

I have a multi-measure rest at the end of my piece. I want to add measures after it. How do I do this? I have already tried just about every way I can think of to make the "append measures" function work. All it does is add measures to the multi-measure rest. The above post tells me "a simple plus button,,," A SIMPLE PLUS ADDED WHERE???? HOW?????

I have tried to insert measures before the multi-measure rest and can't. Why can't I add measures? This topic is not covered in the tutorial (at least as far as I can tell). I can break the multi-measure rest, but that doesn't help me because I want both extra measures AND the multi-measure rest. When I select 4 measures and then click "create multi-measure rests", all the measures that were once the multi-measure rest are made into one multi measure.

Fred J.

Title I can't add measures Make it easier to add and delete measures

fbjacobo, Turn multi-measures off (via Style > Edit General Style > Score > Create Multimeasure rests) until you are finished adding notes to the score and ready to print.

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