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• Oct 10, 2020 - 05:59

I recently posted a score that uses a photo as its title, and while it does show up in the thumbnail, it doesn't show up when you click on the score. I added the photo by adding a picture through a horizontal frame on the latest version of musescore (3.5 as of now) which I downloaded just to be sure it wasn't a bug for an outdated version of musescore 3. Any suggestions on how to fix the photo not appearing in the score?
Here's a link to it to see for yourself:



You seem to be using two vertical frames for the Title area, but your image isn't actually within either frame. The image partially overlaps both frames.

I ended up using a single vertical frame, set to the same height as the image. Then I enabled the image property Scale to frame size and centered the image using its X Offset:
Image in Title frame.png

I tested the result by uploading the *.mscz file to my account, and the image showed up on I attach the same test file for you to try out.

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Thanks so much for getting back to me! I replicated your process (which was a lot cleaner than what I was doing) but unfortunately, the problem persists. Again, it shows up just fine on the thumbnail but disappears when I enter the score. Any further suggestions?

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"[the image] shows up just fine on the thumbnail..."
I guess you mean when you list your scores online in Score Manager?

"...but disappears when I enter the score"
By this do you mean "when I open the score online in its own page, ready to play or download"? For me the image appears correctly on the individual score's web page as well:
Title image online as individual Score.png

To keep things simple, why not try these steps with a new test score:
- create just one vertical frame for all the preamble (title, image, composer and arranger)
- right-click in the frame and choose Add > Image
- select the image and ensure that its Lock aspect ratio checkbox is enabled
- set the image's Height the same height as the vertical frame
- enable the image's Scale to frame size checkbox
- set the image's X Offset to centre the image correctly
- publish the score on and evaluate the image's behaviour

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If it's showing up just fine for you on the page where you can playing download then I guess it's just a bug for me. I've gotten those steps to work on another score, so I'm not sure why this one would be unique. If the image shows up for other people though, there's no problem. Thank you!

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Sorry, my earlier post wasn't clear. Neither @mike320 nor I (nor anyone else...) can see the image on the score link which you posted.

The screenshot which I provided was of the corrected score which I uploaded to my own account - and on that score the image is visible. You just need to follow the steps which I outlined to get the image made visible on your own score.

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Thanks for the reply. I've followed the steps listed, but the score still does not display the image. My only thought is that it may have been a bug early on that can't be changed this late into the scores development, as whenever I update the existing score with the new changes, it still reverts to the broken state. If any other ideas come to mind, please let me know!

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I assure you that Daniel didn't do anything but edit the existing score to show the image. There is not a bug that prevents you from doing this.

Dan, why don't you attach the fixed score to your reply. Before you do this, set the source to his score's link so he can use save online to update the score if this is how he does it.

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