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• Oct 12, 2020 - 19:32

Is MS4 going to be a WYSIWYG build? The primary focus, it seems, from my experience with MS2 and MS3 has been mostly notation with minimal focus on playback. I would really like to see added support for playback and functionality in the upcoming MS4 like the following:

1.Support and playback for cross-stave arpeggios
2.Proper playback of acciaccaturas and appoggiaturas
3.Crescendo and Diminuendo playback for single notes and tied notes
4.Support and playback for Turns and Reverse Turns that are placed AFTER a note
5.Support for faster Divisi, 2 instruments on one stave divided into 2 staves mid-score
6.Support for faster Transposition Change mid-score like "Clarinet in B-flat muta in A"


2) "Proper" does not exist or the current version already is "proper". ;-) Have a look at BSG's articulation plugins ( which might help out a bit more.
But having some playback options to start from for those notations would be nice.

3) Has been possible since MS3.1:

6) Doesn't cover this? And if not, can you elaborate?

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3.) Thanks for the link to Single-Note Dynamics, I was using another soundfont besides the MS default for so long, I forgot about it.

6.) I realize that transposition change can be worked around with Change Instrument. Is there a faster way to implement Transposition Change mid-score? For example, when I want to change strings from arco to pizz, I just click pizz from the Palette. If I want to transpose mid score, I have to click from the palette, look through the list, or search for it, click the transposed instrument I want, and then change the text above the staff to something like "muta in A." Can there be something that works like "pizz" in the palette, something that says like "Muta in ?" where I click it, and it just lets me pick a key? This is just a request for time-saving. Plus, I often work on long/large-ish scores, and if I'd like to transpose mid-score, the lag on my poor PC doesn't help.

Also, can hitting CTRL+Z apply to entire chords instead of one note a time?

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You can customize any text for the palettes. If you use "Muta in A" and "Muta in Bb" a lot in your scores for changes between A and Bb clarinets, add each text to a score once, then for each press ctrl+shift hold them down, and drag the text to a palette. You can put it in either the existing text palette or a custom palette.

Pressing ctrl+z to undo an entire chord is an interesting idea. I would have to think about how I like that idea. I generally realize immediately that I hit the wrong note and only need to correct the last one I entered, but having to reenter the entire chord wouldn't be the end of the world.

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That's a very helpful workaround, thank you.

I've always written with a MIDI keyboard in MS, I've always thought that undoing entire chords should apply when I'm writing with a MIDI keyboard, and undoing one note at a time in a chord should apply when writing with a mouse.

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Adding custom text isn't really a workaround it's a nice feature. The palettes give you a lot of freedom to customize them so they are useful to you. They don't dictate what you can do.

As an example, the current tempo palette gives you a series of tempo words like "Largo" (tempo = 50 BPM). If you don't like the default tempo, you can change it so it meets your taste better and put it in a palette for later use. Custom palettes and workspaces are quite powerful for making the program more user friendly for each person.

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Having undo undo a complete chord only makes sense if the chord was entered as one action, but less so (or not at all) for other input methods.

I'd suggest adding this into the issue tracker as an S5-Suggestion to "treat MIDI chord input as a single action".

FWIW, seems to me if a plugin can do what BSG's articulation and ornament plugins do, most likely one could also implement playback of cross-staff arpeggios...

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