• Oct 12, 2020 - 20:15

Hi all,
I have a trill with a small accidental next to that. Which is the right one in symbols?
I have also a trill, where I am not sure whether it belongs to the treble staff or bass staff.
It is in braces. Does that mean anything?
Thanks for your help


For the trill with the accidental, you need to use the trill from the lines palette and drag the line so you can't see it if you don't want it. Apply the accidental from the accidentals palette only. Remember where in the score you are before you apply the accidental (the status bar will tell you which measure you are in) because when you apply the accidental the display will jump to the beginning of the score and the trill will be deselected. You can use ctrl+f to get back to that point in the score. If you don't see the accidental, select any rest you can see then press the up arrow followed by down arrow (this forces a redraw). It's strange but this is the way to work around a couple of bugs related to trills.

For the trill with the braces, could you attach a picture of what you are seeing?

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The best way to put the parentheses on the tr ornament is to use staff text, space it correctly and move it onto the tr. For the non-trill ornaments see https://musescore.org/en/node/277181 for instructions on adding the accidentals.

As for the voices, they are a measure by measure decision a transcriber must make. Mozart easy compared to many 20th century pieces. Sometimes looking at several measures will make it easier to make voice decisions. It really comes with experience. There are some useful tools to help with this. You have the selection filter so you can select individual voices to manipulate them. In the tools menu there is an "Exchange voices" tool that allows you to easily switch which voice the notes are in (one measure at a time) or you can select some notes and click the voice on the toolbar to move them to that voice. You'll probably need to do something about the rests that are left, remember the filter selector can help you with this.

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