How to make velocity of louder note supersede velocity of quieter note

• Oct 16, 2020 - 19:39

Hello everyone

Our choir is going to try a Zoom session (obvious muted while people sing), and we decided to just play the sheet music straight from MuseScore with a shared screen. (The alternative being to show a PDF and play an MP3, but then we can't control from where we begin.)

Usually, I put the four choir parts (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) on four different instruments (it makes creating MIDI files a lot easier), but since we now have an audience that's going to look at the music in MuseScore, I copied the soprano and alto parts onto the one instrument and the tenor and bass parts onto the other instrument. In MuseScore, Soprano is voice 1 and alto is voice 2, tenor is voice 1 and bass is voice 2, so I'm able to change the settings for e.g. soprano and alto even though they're on the same instrument.

Now, I would like soprano to play at +100 velocity offset and the other parts at -60. But: I find that if both soprano and alto have the same note, MuseScore always makes the quieter velocity (in this case alto) supersede the louder velocity (in this case soprano). I tried first setting all notes to -60 and then setting the soprano to +100, and I tried first setting all notes to +100 and then setting the alto to -60, but alas: the notes that are shared by both soprano and alto always play at -60.

What I want is for the loudest velocity to be the one that is used if two notes are the same note. How can I accomplish this?


(PS. The way I usually make MP3 files with one part louder than the other is by adding dynamics to the instruments, e.g. fff to the loud instrument and ppp to the others, but I can't do that now since each instrument has two choir parts on it.)

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The only way to control the voices dynamics independently is to use different sounds. You should be able to use choir ooohs for voice 1 and choir aaahs for voice 2. The way to control these independently is to use an instrument with 2 mixer channels like the trumpet. Change the instruments to trumpet in staff properties, then in edit->Preferences->Score uncheck the color notes outside of usable range option. This way most of the bass clef won't be red or green. In the mixer for both instruments set normal to choir ooohs and muted to choir aaahs. In each staff add a staff text, right click it, choose staff text properties and set voice 1 to Normal and voice 2 to Mute. You can then make the staff text invisible. Finally, use the selection filter to select only one of the voices and adjust the velocity for that voice in the inspector.

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