separating the Piano Part into two separate instuments

• Oct 17, 2020 - 23:49

I am new to musescore. And i had a friend write me some music with a lead line/lyric line and with an accompanying piano lines. (I say lines because there are 2 of them. I'm no music person so I'm guessing its left hand right hand lines? correct me if I'm wrong.) Anyways, I would like to separate those 2 piano lines and make them individual instruments. Is this possible? Making the top piano part into one instrument and the bottom line into another instrument. Thanks for the help in advance!


You can but it's not automatic. Add one of the instruments in the instruments dialog (press i). Copy everything from one of the piano staves ( you called them lines) to that instrument. Open instruments again (press i) and delete the staff you created the instrument for (staff 1 is on top staff 2 is on bottom just like in the instruments dialog). Right click the staff for the piano, choose staff/part properties and click the change instruments button. Change to that instrument. To make it easier, MuseScore will automatically handle the transposition if required like changing to a saxophone or clarinet for both of the new instruments.

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