Accents no longer appear above the note

• Oct 18, 2020 - 03:45

I've been using Musescore for a year and this has never happened. How can they permanently go back on top automatically?


Right click one, choose Select>All similar elements and press ctrl+r to reset everything back to default. If this doesn't work then attach the score.

To be clear: accents have never always appeared above all notes - that would be incorrect. They normally appear on the notehead side, so above for stems down, below for stems down. This changes if there are multiple voices; now they go to the outside - so, the opposite of this. I think the MDL extension may have added some special accents to the palette there were hard coded to always appear above, but that would only applied to those specific markings, not all accents. It's also possible you were previously using a template or customized default style that had the articulation style settings explicitly set to be "above chord" or "above staff", and now you are no longer using that.

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