Question regarding SavePositions(...) ndpi variable

• Oct 18, 2020 - 19:32

Hi !

I'm trying to figure out what the variable ndpi, defined in MuseScore::savePositions(Score*, QIODevice*,bool) is representing and why it's computed that way, (line 57 in…)

I asked few (in fact a lot) of people what is the meaning/intention/purpose of applying a "dpi factor" to a distance in pixel unit (line 92 to 95), and they ended up having the same interrogations as me (most working in graphic/printing industry) as it doesn't make much sense (yet) if seen as "pixel_distance * dpi", so I'm clearly missing something, does someone knows why it's done ? What does the resulting values of lines 92 to 95 unit is and "means" ?

I also browsed the file history, but it didn't helped much to figure this out,

Have a great day and thanks in advance for your answers/help, I feel like I'm missing something,

love and play.

EDIT: also, re-read the subsection description I might be in the wrong part of the forum, if so, let me know, I'll ask it in another place, just saw this as the "developer subforum", but might totally be wrong.


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I did, but not deep enough perhap's,
the current formula comes from "Change to new preferences model" (…)
the "ndpi" factor started to be applied to pixel position with "fix pos output format; scale position to 100dpi" (…)
the factor 12 comes from "more options to export positions" (…)
But I don't really understand what is the meaning of "pixel_distance * dpi" as those are two units that don't "talk to each other" that way from my understanding.
I'll continue to dig, based on your answer, I should be able to perhap's figure it out myself looking at the changes related to those commits.

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It would perhap's be to consider to add another export (mxpos/sxpos, or mposx/sposx, you'll decide) that export the pixel distance, basically the same logic but not applying that dpi factor.

So it would remain compatible with any legacy client using the mpos/spos format (changing that would be a big breaking change for some "unknown" client) and help people who don't have the 'historic'.

I can handle it myself if positive feedback here, it's quite straight forward.

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I’d agree if this was some kind of API that had any public consumers.

As is, this is a local export format. It’s not got a schema definition, and it even uses the same format for mpos and spos. I’d say just change it, and maybe add a version="2" to the top-level tag “score”.

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At least from this post it looks like there is, relying on "non standardized" file format shouldn't be a reason to not consider them maybe ? It's the kind of features that don't create issues until they break, I'll ask opinions on the irc chat, just to know others opinion and not waste my and others time, and it's a "big responsability/decision" too as I'm really new to perhap's contrib to ms, just by precaution ^^ Also, it can be implemented without code duplication so that wouldn't mean bigger code base to maintain. (to have another pair or file format)

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So, it's now done in my fork in branch 3.x, but, at last minute, didn't changed "mpos/spos" export, added "sposx/mposx", safer until I have a feedback from the person using the files "as-is" (sent a private message as well as the comment on his thread, I still hope to be able to figure out the reason), took no time, so if rejected, will take no time neither to do the other way, but I felt more "safe" with that approach, should introduce no regression/obscure legacy compat issues. Will also fix the x=0 in spos, also think there's some issues related to y, as boxing result is sometime "not precise"

TLDR; 1. Before submitting PR, should I create an issue related to this or can I link directly to this thread?
2. Also, once accepted, am I responsible for updating website documentation? Or should I contact a maintainer?

Have a great day,
love and play.

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> Comment by Jojo-Schmitz:
> The hanbook page for the commandline options doesn't mention any versions
> though, as it is (tried to be) kept in sync with
> [1]…
> (which is what your PR should modify too)

If you need help with the syntax of that file (mdoc manpage), ping me (also in IRC).

(Still thinking you shouldn’t duplicate the code, just write a version 2 of that file; this is how .mscx/.mscz were also handled.)

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Hey !
I didn't duplicated any code at all ! That would be a really poor practice, wathever the reason, code duplication should never be an option, would rather refactor a lot (with proper testing) than duplicate code.
I introduced a new bool argument "ndpiScaling" and ndpi is now set with:
ndpi = dpiScaling ? previousFormula : 1.

So the logic remains mostly untouched to get one or the other.

You can check my changes there:

So, indeed, that would introduce breaking change with people writting code against that interface but I'm not sure anyone is doing that as it's clearly not part of any api and all tests runned successfully.

And will do the doc tonight, will join you on irc if any troubles ! Thx for the help !

Hope you're a bit reassured ^^

Hi Emmanuel and others,

I remember we had a hard time at some point to figure out how to handle these absolute values ourselves, but it' a long time ago. I also think we asked Nicolas at some point about that...

I had a quick look in our code where we parse the .mpos file values, and found this as a developer note (we use fractional coordinates in the interval [0, 1] internally):

        /* More info on the coordinate conversions for the positions of the elements / measures:
        //     mpos.x = frac.x * PageWidth  * (12 * MuseScoreDPI / ExportDPI)
        //     mpos.y = frac.y * PageHeight * (12 * MuseScoreDPI / ExportDPI)
        // or also:
        //     frac.x = mpos.x / (PageWidth  * (12 * MuseScoreDPI / ExportDPI))
        //     frac.y = mpos.y / (PageHeight * (12 * MuseScoreDPI / ExportDPI))
        // where:
        //     mpos.x / .y are the x and y coordinates in the .mpos file extracted from MuseScore
        //     PageWidth and PageHeight are in pixels
        //     MuseScoreDPI is 300
        //     ExportDPI is 100 by default      */

But I also see in the code surrounding it that we currently set a const as follows:
const double MuseScoreDPI = 360;
and I found a commit log message (from last June actually) saying this:
"adjusted assumed MuseScore export dpi for PNG files to 360 (default value for MS3; was 300 before)
--> fixes issue with incorrectly placed bounding boxes"

To be honest, I also don't know (or remember) where exactly that factor 12 came from... I hope this helps somehow (but I doubt it).

Thanks for looking into this, by the way.
If you fix that other issue with the segment positions sx attributes being mostly 0 (for the .spos files), I'd love to hear about it!

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