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• Oct 21, 2020 - 19:33

I dont know how to make my first score, i dont have a pro acc. I looked at the hankbook but it was no help.

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If you can't activate the Linux container then don't bother with the other steps. There's a reason they are in a certain order.
Contact your department with the question to enable the linux side of your chromebook.

Another thing you could try is using the (non-official) rollapp version:…
I believe a free account there possibly has no audio and likely has restrictions imposed on file loading/saving.

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There is nothing in CIPA that should prevent access to MuseScore as a rollApp at the very least. The only thing here is that it requires your IT department to set up a configuration for that; which they might indeed not be bothered with because who doesn't love extra work.
But allowing access to MuseScore by no means would violate the CIPA policy nor their eligibility for any funding attached to it.

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