Adding key signatures automatically adds naturals to every note?

• Oct 22, 2020 - 13:03

I'm trying to write some music, and am now realising I should probably add a certain key signature.
The problem is, whenever I try to add this key signature, musescore (3) just adds naturals to every note affected, this is annoying because I want all these notes to be affected by the new key signature.
Is there a way to turn this off? Or at least a way to delete every natural in a score?
I really don't want to have to go through and manually delete every single natural.

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If you made the mistake of writing all of the notes in the correct spot with no key signature and deleting all of the naturals will fix it then right click a natural, click Select>More, Check Same Subtype (so only naturals will be selected), click OK then press Del and all of the naturals in your score will be deleted.

Transposing probably wont work since it will move all of the notes. Like if you transpose from C (current key sig) to A then every note will be lowered 3 1/2 steps which it does not sound like what you want.

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Deleting the naturals (via select same subtype) works if a note appears only once in a measure (or if every instance of that note displays a natural sign).

For example, in the OP's screenshot, the first measure in the bass clef shows three naturals followed by a repetition of B's and G's all without natural signs (because they're in the same measure).
Deleting those first three accidentals will cause natural signs to display at the following B and G (to preserve pitch).
This changes the chordal harmony of the first measure.

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Good point. I didn't think about that.

I thought about the better method of, add a key signature, press ctrl+a followed by ctrl+up arrow followed by ctrl+down arrow and I should have suggested that. The disadvantage of this is that every accidental will be removed so any accidentals you want you will need to add back.


Could you explain what you are trying to do that you find it necessary to "delete every natural in a score."
Often when questions like this occur it is because there is an easier way to accomplsh a desired result.
Also, realize that a natural holds for an entire measure, so when you delete it, what do you expect to happen to the pitch of any other (same) notes in that measure?

Please attach a score showing its original state and explain how you wish to change it. Do you really just want naturals to disappear, or do you want to change the key?

Regards and welcome aboard.

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As the notes were entered in "C" and the key signature is "Cb", transposing everything down a semitone should get rid of the unwanted accidentals. This will, of course make everything sound a semitone lower. If OP actually wants the notes to sound at their entered pitch AND to have the 7 flats key signature, the accidentals are necessary.

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