MuseScore 3 crashes on startup

• Oct 23, 2020 - 04:41

Windows 10 (October 2020 update). Whether I open from start menu, from command line, or by double clicking on a .mscz file, it always crashes while at the startup screen.

The only way to get it to open is to pass the '-s' option on the command line, but then I can't play back the music :-\

Also, the crash reporter tool doesn't work - when I click on 'Send report' I get a dialog that says 'Error while uploading crash report: Host requires authentication'.

Any suggestions on what info would be helpful to provide? I tried running with '-d' but got no useful debug messages in the console.


Tell us which operating system you use and everything you can about the sound card and midi devices you have connected.

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Already mentioned that I'm using Windows 10 (October 2020 update). 64bit.

Sound card is a class-compliant USB interface (Alesis iO2). Doesn't have any special drivers for it. I have a MIDI keyboard attached but I have typically just let MuseScore do its own thing (not sure if it has an internal synth or sends it to the Windows wavetable synth by default).

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