Accessibility of lines and copyright

• Oct 24, 2020 - 16:54

I'm working with hhpmusic on a score he entered into MuseScore himself. The results are very impressive when you consider that hhpmusic is blind and a great testament to the accessibility of MuseScore. I won't attach this score because I'm not sure of the copyright status, hhpmusic can attach it if he feels it is OK to share it.

There are a couple of accessibility issues that I'm not sure about and would like to have clarified before hhpmusic posts bug reports on these. The first is lines. I see no way to select a line then move to the inspector to edit the line. This makes it impossible for him to enter poco dim. into the score, change line styles and hooks for example. If I'm missing something please explain it.

There is one other accessibility issue that I can't overcome. A blind person cannot change the copyright of a score. He cannot, with confidence, open score properties and press tab a few times and know he is in the copyright field. This is a problem because this is where the copyright on the score comes from. It would be nice if there were some place a blind person could enter this information and know he is entering it in the copyright field either by hard coding the default fields so NVDA can read them or adding a mirror of this field somewhere else. As we know, the other fields are informational only and do not affect the actual score.


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