Chord spelling not identified in style

• Oct 25, 2020 - 03:24

Has anyone else noticed that the radio buttons for the spelling of chord symbols doesn't work?

Also, I discovered that if you change from Full German to German the validity of H is undone. That is, it's as though it had been entered with Standard spelling as discussed in #308890: "H" chord symbol unrecognized if entered in standard spelling then style is changed to German.


I also had reason to transpose my song to another key and the spelling stayed Standard after transposition. For example, Bb stayed Bb rather than changing to B. I'm not totally familiar with the rules of German (used in Norway for my score) and full German chord spelling, so this point may be by design.

Could you explain in more detail what isn't working for you? Sample score and steps to reproduce I entered chords C, D, and E into the default score, then changed spelling to French, and got Do, Ré, and Mi just as I expect. And if I enter an H in Full German then change German, it remains H as expected, and it transposes properly, etc.

But there is something weird where if I go back to the dialog again, nothing is selected.

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Weird things were happening when I was switching between standard, where I started, then full German because I forgot Norway uses German, then German spellings. I was doing a lot of switching trying to get the right spellings for my song and at various times, I got German spellings of Bb and H's that weren't understood, even after they were understood in a German spelling. Perhaps the lack of feedback from the style dialog was contributing to the confusion.

For now I'll submit an issue for the dialog not updating and go from there. Chord symbols are not something I use a lot. I was asked to transcribe a Norwegian Hymn that included Chord symbols so I ran across these issues.

See #312195: Style dialog for Chord symbols does not show current spelling

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