Classical guitar fingering

• Oct 25, 2020 - 07:53

In classical guitar fingering, when the same left-hand finger slides from one note to the next, this is indicated by a small straight line or dash before the finger number on the second note. The line slopes up if the finger is moving to a higher note, or down if it is moving towards a lower note. Is there a way to add this line in MuseScore please?


It is a way to display the fingerings (with a preliminary slide) which is not rare indeed. I can think of something very simple that the new method of entering fingerings (i.e., with Space bar) allows: just before entering the specific fingering, type X times the dash key on your keyboard.
Thank you for making me think about it, I'm keeping the idea to myself too!

EDIT: Note of course that you can edit an already existing fingering in the same way.



You could create 8 new symbols & add them to the Fingering menu. Alternatively use "above the line" numbers & use system text option to add / or . Not perfect but often/sometimes functional

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