empty measure with notes following

• Oct 25, 2020 - 21:22

Despite a measure having notes entered, the view shows a full page showing the measure empty with the contents (the notes that should be there) appearing on the next page superimposed over the cleff and key markings of the following measure. I have tried removing breaks and I have looked at the isolated sheet for each instrument and they all appear with the same anomaly. Attempting to stretch and shrink produced no results. Any suggestions for this beginner on musescore? Thank you.

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I haven't seen this often then you're the second person to have this problem today. The first note in m70 had the leading space in the inspector set to 50 (which was identical to #312191: Shifted musescore notes). Setting the leading space on a note sets every note on the same beat in the same measure to the same leading space, so it could have happened in the Alto 1, sousaphone or any instrument between. Do you have any idea how you did this? I fixed it for you. You need to look at the score in continuous view to be able to select the note and fix it.

Mercy_Mercy_Mercy 201024.mscz

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