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• Oct 25, 2020 - 11:24
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Open attached file. Go to measure 77. The staff looks empty for that measure. In fact, the notes are displayed over measure 80. Otherwise, the playback is OK.
Cannot correct and move the notes back in place. There must be a way. Please help.

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The trick as suggested by @SteveBlower didn't work for me :-(. Nevertheless, the file was easy to correct, see the attached version.
I would be very interesting to know how is strange measure 77 was created. I tried several thing but i didn't manage to reproduce the issue. You remember what you did to create this?

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The only thing wrong with this was that the first note had a leading space of 50. I put it in continuous view so I could select only one note (this was impossible in page view) and saw this was the only note with a different leading space. I can how it would be possible to accidentally change a leading space if you accidentally clicked the space while thinking you were in note input mode and tried to start note input mode (press n and nothing happens) to enter a 1/4 rest in anticipation of creating a triplet for the electric guitar.

Indeed, this how i could reproduce the issue. The file is corrected by simple editing the file and remove the leading space :-)

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I suggested that "trick" while looking at the original post on my phone and hence without access to the score. I think it was a fair guess that notes had been dragged somewhere as many other users have done but in this case my guess was wrong. Anyway, when I sat down at my PC and actually looked at the score, the 50 sp leading space became obvious and CTRL+R doesn't reset the leading space (I wonder why not).

After resetting leading space to zero, setting to 50 again doesn't move the notes back where they were in the OPs original score, it only shifts them halfway across the measure. Odd!

We're not sure. It's strange it rarely happens then it happened twice in a matter of hours. I suggest we leave it at needs info for a while. If it doesn't come up again we can call it a statistical anomaly.