How to convert some lyrics from old code to "Latin-9" AFTER a midi convertion.

• Oct 25, 2020 - 23:10

Hi, gang!!!

I use MuseScore 3.5.2 Portable AppImage in "Ubuntu Studio" (64 bit Linux).

A friend sent me an score which was open (convert) with MuseScore 3.2 from the original MIDi standard file.

But, she forgot to use the MuseScore convert command to "translate" the original lyrics code to "Latin-9", which is the "standard" in Latin-America. It is to avoid to see the typical black diamond, with question mark inside, each time there is an Spanish language exclusive character (Ññ, Áá, Éé, Íí, Óó, Úú, Ää, Ëë, Ïï, Öö, Üü, etc).

So, My question is... Is there a way to perform that code convertion now; after the MIDI convertion? ???

Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!


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Lyrics in MuseScore are Unicode, which contains all characters contained in Latin-9 (a.k.a. ISO-8859-15), so you do not need to convert anything specially once the music has entered MuseScore, all spanish characters will just work right.

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True, but that would be converting from a specified legacy charset before/during MIDI import. MuseScore already offers a drop-down for that.

Heh. TIL that MIDI allows Unicode with a BOM, and otherwise specifies language tags (RP-026, on… downloadable), where the tag {@LATIN} specifies “ANSI character set for the most common European languages”, which is cp1252, incidentally.

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