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• Oct 28, 2020 - 13:12

HELP!?!....... I did an update for Musescore 3 Last night. Lost all my files. My subscription on here is Pro.
The lost files are easy sheets of Hymns which I produced myself and use for my church group. I play an accordian.
I have print outs in a book but I would like to get them back as I alter them, as I get better at playing them.
Otherwise I will have to write them all up again and you know how long that takes.
Is there any way I can retrieve them?
Obviously I have clicked on something I should not have and deleted them. I am not very IT/Digital savvy
so now I don't know what to do.
What do I do now?
Any help would be muchly appreciated


Here, on musescore.org, there's no such thing as a subscription.
Nor is there a Pro version of the MuseScore program (for Windows, Mac, Linux)

Updating should never delete any of your scores, and so far never did. More likely is that they are still on your PC, but in a different place that the updated MuseScore 3 expects them to be.

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My profile says Pro and I paid I think something like £50 so I dispute the, No Pro version comment.
As for telling me they maybe somewhere else, that does not help. I am aware of that and have tried to find
them before I asked on here and I cannot find them

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> "My profile says Pro and I paid I think something like £50 so I dispute the, No Pro version comment."
You may try and dispute all you want; you did not pay here on musescore.org and the software is entirely free, it has no Pro version.
What you did pay for is a subscription service of the online score sharing platform on musescore.com of which currently the most prominent feature is that it'll allow you to download most copyright protected scores there.
See https://musescore.org/en/faq#faq-20657 for a small clarification on this confusing difference between the two platforms.

In order to try and locate your scores, let's try and start off with:
1) which operating system are you using (windows/mac/linux)?
2) which MuseScore version did you have previously installed?

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I repeat: There is no pro version of the MuseScore program for Windows, Mac and Linux, nor any contractual obligation as far as the support for this software is concerned. Here on musescore.org, you're a mere mortal amongst mere mortals.
Check your profile, here, and see: https://musescore.org/en/user/2534966

The Software is 100% free, the support and this website too.

The musescore.com website and the mobile apps for Android and iOS do have a free component and can get their features extended by a paid pro account

Let me try to explain differently:

MuseScore is a program that runs on your computer.

musescore.com is a website where you can share files created with MuseScore on your computer.

There is no such thing as a Pro version of MuseScore, the program on your computer. It is always 100% free.

musescore.com does indeed have a Pro account. Whether or not you happen to have chosen to pay for that has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the behavior of the MuseScore program on your computer. It affects only what happens while you are using that website in your web browser - the MuseScore program on your computer does not know or care in way whether you have a Pro account on that website.

That said:

And any files you saved onto your computer with a previous version of the MuseScore program are still exactly in the same folder you saved them to. If you know the name of the folder you saved your files to, simply can browse to that folder and you will find every single one of those files still right where you placed them. no update, install, reinstall, or removal of MuseScore will ever touch any of your own files in any way whatsoever. Once you save a file onto your computer, it is there on your computer until you delete it yourself.

So, if the problem is that you have forgotten what folder you saved your scores to, then you could try using the search features of your OS (eg, Windows, or macOS, or Linux) to find files ending in ".MSCZ".

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