updated version won't install

• Oct 29, 2020 - 22:45

My current installation is
revision 43c5533

trying to install update:
October 16, 2020 (release 3.5.2)

Installation does not complete with error messages:
unable to write to specific folder
D:\program files\MuseScore 3\templates\07-Band_and_Percussion

Setup wizard ended prematurely…

How do I resolve?...


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Normal installation usually defaults to the C: drive for program files. Your error message refers to your D: drive.
Do you usually tweak the default install directories when you install apps?

Also, are you updating through the MuseScore app itself, or is MuseScore closed and you are using the Windows msi installer from here:

For 64 bit OS it would be:

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I change the default installation from C to my D drive -- every time. It has never been installed on my C drive. I've also restarted Windows with no difference. (See note below for new info)..

I'm updating from MuseScore, "check for update" on the Help menu. In the installation process, it complains of files being in use and I let it close those files before continuing.

When I try using the links you provided, I am notified that the following files are in use:
Qt Qtwebengineprocess
Qt Qtwebengineprocess

I choose to "close the applications and attempt to restart them". Next message is "The setup was unable to automatically close all requested applications... "

I select continue and get the error "Unable to write to specified folder D:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\templates\07-Band_and_Percussion\"

Then Setup Wizard ended prematurely.

Just now, I restarted my system and with nothing else open (except Google Chrome), I followed your direct link from musescore.org/en/downloads and downloaded the 64 bit version. When it gets to copying the new files, I get the error message that it is unable to write to the specified folder "07-Band..."

I've looked at folder properties and don't see anything wierd...

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Since you mention "Qt Qtwebengineprocess"...

There have been some problems with installing and then, once installed, with launching MuseScore.
I experienced both the Qt Qtwebengineprocess installation issue and, afterwards, the crash issue caused by the Start Center loading upon launch.

Other people have been able to upgrade through the MuseScore app but then encountered crashing when launching MuseScore using the program icon. (Workaround: Double clicking a MuseScore .mscz file would launch the app.)

The direct link from musescore.org/en/downloads was what worked for me.

When you ran the MuseScore- installation file that you downloaded, did you run as administrator?

You also said it's unable to write to "07-Band..."
Here's an image of the contents of my (version 3.5.2) 07_Band-and_Percussion folder:

Does it differ from your (version 3.5.0) 07_Band-and_Percussion folder contents?
Can you write to your folder by copying a file into it?
That folder only contains .mscx template files and can be safely moved somewhere else (e.g. to your desktop).
Then try the installation again. MuseScore should create a new folder to write to.

Also, have you done a lot of customizations to palettes and workspaces in your current version?

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My account has administrator, but when I try to copy a text file to the 07-Band folder, a windows popup says that you need administrator privileges. The file copies successfully after I select continue.

I moved the 07 folder to desktop and started a fresh install. This time it stopped with unable to write to the \bin\ folder. It didn't get far enough to create a new 07-Band folder.

I haven't done any customizations to palettes and workspaces.

Should I uninstall MuseScore and do a fresh new install?

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Re-install? It seems that for banjogr8mjv the installation cannot complete - it hangs at writing to some folder(s) - so how can a re-install be possible?

Anyway, for 'repair' to be engaged in Windows Control Panel -> Programs and Features, MuseScore 3.5.2 needs to already be (fully) installed so that it will appear among the programs listed - and therefore 'repairable'.

Since he hasn't heavily customized his palettes, what's wrong with doing: uninstall old version via Widows Control Panel, re-boot computer, and then fresh install of the new version?
(All of the scores he created will still remain intact in the 'old' score folder.)

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