Palette search not working as well as previously

• Oct 30, 2020 - 04:57

In 3.5.0 palette search shortcut works fine - all the time - and highlights any left over search key to easily replace text. In 3.5.2 the search isn't 100% working but requires me to click into the search box from time to time to get it to work, nor is it highlighting the text any longer (even though the highlight code in the qml exists still... which means someone changed some portion of the code related to window focus or something since 3.5.0, it seems). This is all happening while docked (it's almost acting like the problems associated from past versions while floating).

I post here to see if anyone else notices this before filing an issue. Again, on my system 3.5.0 works just fine, but 3.5.2 is having an issue. Didn't check 3.5.1. Maybe someone would know what may have been done to make it less reliable?


For the record - and for anyone else searching for information on this - it looks like you've figured this out yourself, but indeed there is a bug that causes you to need to get the focus to the search box manually at least once. Clicking works, so does tabbing. After that the search command works, but still doesn't auto-select the existing text, so you need an additional Ctrl+A. And thanks for the PR to fix this!

See #312442: Reversion: Search shortcut partially dysfunctional.

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