Playback "singel note" chords

• Nov 3, 2020 - 17:32

I do not find how to get single notes in a chord to play. See example to clarify.
If it is not possible, perhaps it should in a future version?
Kind regards Erling

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Currently, we don't support playback of this notation, in part because it isn't obvious what it should meant. In many cases where people use it, they mean, keep the same chord as the previous chord, but change the bass. So in your example, the "/F" would be treated as G7/F, since G7 was the last chord seen. But in other places people might assume literally the F bass note only.

What you can do for now is add the chord the way you want it to play, then make that invisible. So, you already have the "/F" which is I assume how you want it to look. Now, if you to hear G7/F, just add that also then make it invisible. Or, if you wanted the F only, enter the chord as "F" and set it to play "root only" in the Inspector.

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Thanks for answer. My interpretation (as an amateur accoridon player!) of the notation is to play a single note, say C, when /C is in the chord-description.
I do not want any full "chord" to be heard(!). And yes, I know ways around it. However, it feels so "close" when G7/F is a chord with the F "at the bottom" and then removing G7 would make /F to be the F-note to play without any chord.
Kind regards Erling

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Accordion does have its own unique notation that is similar to but distinct from standard chord symbol notation So most likely you'll continue to need workarounds to achieve the specific results you want in the cases where your desired interpretation differs from the norm.

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There have been a lot of people asking about accordion notation through the years. There are some differences between interpretations of symbols between accordion players and most everyone else. There would need to be some fundamental changes in playback to accommodate accordions. This is something MuseScore should do in my opinion.

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