Anyone understand looping in Polyphone Soundfont Editor please??

• Nov 9, 2020 - 15:05

Dear Anyone.

I'm trying to make my first ever soundfont and mi brane 'urtz!

So I've got my samples, stereo, left and right. In the SAMPLE view they play back looped like a dream. But in the INSTRUMENT view, the column marked 'loop' says 'NO' and nothing I can do can make it say 'YES!'

So in INSTRUMENT view it's not looping, in the SAMPLE view it is looping. Was trying to keep it simple for a first try so there's just one sample in there, linked to one instrument. I've checked the POLYPHONE site but nobody's posted there for ages so I thought I'd come here instead!

I've uploaded screenshots so one of you geniuses (genii?) can point out the totally obvious booboo I should have seen before bothering anyone here with something this petty!

Yours hopefully



Hello, Ulrich,

It looks like your samples aren't looped. Check out these easy to follow instructions to loop your samples if needed.

After looping your samples you must set adequate values to parameter "Loop playback" at instrument level, see the attached picture. There are three options, actually the numbers 0, 1, and 3, displayed in Polyphone as three suggestive icons. Option 1 is the most used, while the other two options are for exceptional cases. Value 0 means "ignore the loop" or "loop playback inactive" and it can be used to deactivate the loop for individual samples (the setting on the loop column overrides the setting on the Global column). Finally, option 3 can be used when samples that end in total silence are available, which will give the most natural release, while with option 1 you must set "Vol env release" to a proper value of around 1 second to simulate a natural release or the sound will end abruptly which gives an unpleasant effect.

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