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• Nov 11, 2020 - 01:17

I created a piece in 2.0. When I opened it today it recommenced some reformatting and now when the piece loads, there's a large space between the first two staves that I can't seem to eliminate.

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Your problem is that the tenuto on the G in the second measure of the system on the viola was moved. This is actually a far more common problem than the lyric problem for the OP. The first thing I do if I run into this problem myself is select the staves above and below the large space and press ctrl+r to fix them. If you can find the problem as I did, you can select only the problem item (the tenuto) and press ctrl+r to fix it without undoing any other adjustments you might have made.

In scores I've imported from version 2 I've run into this problem and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. I actually had to delete the articulation and reenter it to fix the problem. Fortunately yours is the common easy variety where you can press ctrl+r to fix it.

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What I do is accept to let version 3 reset all of the edits I made (it will be a pop up window) then press ctrl+a then ctrl+r to put everything back to their default positions. Once that's done, right click any spacer, select all similar elements and press delete to get rid of them since you will need very few

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There are two Oh_My_God.mscz files attached above.
One file is yours, with the large space between the first two staves.
The other is mike320's fixed copy.

In case of another recurrence, and if you wish to fix the score yourself, open this 'abridged' copy of your affected score:
and follow the steps (for practice).

Now you'll be able to fix your own score.

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After the subtraction, one can normally see what's left in the selection. That is not the case here.
in addition to the visible one, I knew there were blank verses (not certain how many), so I assumed they all remained selected after the subtraction (even though not visible).
Probably third time I've used it.

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