Score corrupted on saving

• Nov 17, 2020 - 00:53
Reported version
S2 - Critical
needs info

This is the score that would corrupted on saving. Opening the score, MuseScore tells me that measure 49 is corrupted. But when I fix measure 49 and save and upload the file, the upload would be successful, musescore would crash, and a random measure will get corrupted again. I have fixed the corruption and reuploaded multiple times, but the same thing happens again and again. You can verify that what I said is true by downloading the score and seeing that it is already corrupted, considering that there is no way to upload corrupted score to the MuseScore server.


Frequency Many Once
Status active needs info

Frequency is once since your the only reporter of the bug. I couldn't reproduce the crash and I'm not sure how you're fixing the corruption. There are a couple of methods you could use.

I inserted a measure after 49, reentered the measure and deleted the corrupt one. I don't get a corruption when I saved but I do get strange results while entering the measure. All of the note heads appear one space or line below where they should, so the first D# appears on the C space then the A appears on the G line and so forth. This was true for all notes I entered in both voices. When I finished the measure and left note entry mode, the notes were where they belong. I saved it, opened it with no corruption then repeated my same process and the strange displays happened again.

I've continued looking and discovered there are other corruptions that are not reported. There are no triplets in the part after RH A in the measures looked at and the beaming was very different which is not right. Many of the measures in the part are corrupt and MuseScore doesn't report these.