Crashes on XML Import

• Nov 17, 2020 - 05:44

I am using logic Pro to auto-generate scores for my piano and then import them over to musescore. For some reason on this song I can't, and it crashes directly on import. Any help? I have to finish scoring this tonight, so please try to help if you can! I am on a macbook.

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So I take it that allowed you to continue? Glad to hear it if so!

For the record, we do produce error messages for all errors we are able to anticipate and detect. But unfortunately, you can't anticipate every possible error condition. We don't plan to crash, but that's what happens to any program when it encountered errors it wasn't designed to handle. There are all sorts of errors involving tuplets we do detect and deal with, but whatever is going on here must be something that has never been seen before.

Had a quick look. For me (using 3.6 devel) it crashes in measure 19, on the note starting at line 10568.
Will submit an issue, as MuseScore preferably should not crash, even if it encounters incorrect input.
Don't know the exact cause yet.

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