Frames not the same in 3.6 alpha

• Nov 17, 2020 - 22:09

Here's my title frame in 3.5.2
Title frame 3.5.2.PNG
Here it is in 3.6 when I accept the new settings
Title frame 3.6.PNG

Here is the actual score file saved in 3.5.2 if you'd like to have a better idea of what went wrong. Aladdin - A Chinese Suite.mscz


That's actually 2 frames and the texts in the 2nd frame are offset from their default positions. Seems those offsets are ignored by 3.6 Alpha.

BTW: you did notice the typo, didn't you?

@vperez implemented this around a month ago. The frames now auto-resize to their contents. I thought it had only been merged into master, though...

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It's hard to tell from the picture, but it seems you might be trying to use frames as substitutes for spacers? These are different things; if all you want is to add space, that's what spacers are for.

Feel free to attach an actual score so we can understand and assist better. I'm not saying it should never be necessary to disable to the autosize, but so far, in your description/examples thus far, from what I can tell it shouldn't be.

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For the record, and for anyone else stumbling on this conversation because you are running into similar issues:

Vertical frames (from the Frames and Measures palette) are designed to be containers for text and images; they were never really intended to be left empty. When you want to create empty space in your score, spacers (from the Breaks and Spacers palette) are the way to go. But certainly, not everyone realizes this, and sometimes people try using empty vertical frames when they really should be using spacers.

This was never much of a problem before because you could size the frame about as easily (if not as precisely) as a spacer. But, when using a frame for its intended purpose - as a container for text - it was always inconvenient that you had to manually resize the frame to fit the text. Text frames don't have that problem, but vertical frames did.

For 3.6, this was fixed - now vertical frames resize themselves automatically, so it is almost never necessary to do so manually. Except if you are in the habit of using these frames where you really should be using spacers.

So, instead of continuing to add empty frames and then disabling the autosize and manually resizing them, it's better to just add spacers, which are provided just for this purpose and don't require workarounds.

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