Note duration not being respected

• Nov 21, 2020 - 21:04

I'm relatively new to Musescore, so my problem may sound dumb.
My song has 2 piano voices (treble) added manually by going into "Instruments", clicking on piano and deleting the bass. It seems that both voices share note durations. For example, I want a half note in voice 1. At the same time, I want voice 2 to be playing eighth notes. When I hit the play button, the half note in voice 1 takes the duration of the first note being played on that compass in voice 2, that is, an eighth note. I just discovered this by testing cause I could not find a reason for the note stopping. I just change the voice 2 to be a quarter note and the half note in voice 1 stops later. I have no idea why this happens.


I suspect that you have actually 2 treble staves and not voices. And probably one of them is a linked staff. If that's the case you need to delete the second, new, staff and create a new piano treble staff, but not a linked one this time. But might be I misunderstood you.

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