One line with Bars taking an inordinate space - how to fix?

• Nov 21, 2020 - 22:42

I generally get as many as 10 bars across the page but on this piece I've got that all through until the last line and there there's only two bars spanning the whole page. With only about 5 notes in each.
Sees to me the bars could be better distributed through the piece than that.
I've tried resetting the layout stretch and it didn't do anything.
Perhaps it can't be done - I've seen it often enough on professional printed sheet music, I think.
But I thought I"d ask.


One other possibility is to select the last 2 full lines plus the short line and press { several times to see if the extra measures move up. As a rule of thumb, I select one full line for each extra measure.

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Well thanks all for that. I can't show you the file because I don't remember which one it was. I've been continuing on doing more of these little scores and during the interim it has reformatted itself.
I don't have a score with that problem any more.

I see I have a couple where the bottom line (stave - they're one stave scores) only has three bars and musescore has terminated that line after those three bars, without continuing across the page.

And I see I don't have a score that has only two bars on the last line. Which I'm pretty sure, damn near certain, is what I had.

So I think it has moved a bar down to make three on the bottom and redistributed everything. Which is exactly what I wanted to do. Could that be possible? Would musescore apply that kind of reformatting perhaps in the background or upon opening again into edit screen?

I'll attach this one. I think this is what it must have been:

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The other user was unhappy because he though his score was set up properly, saved it, opened it and measures were on the wrong system. You're happy because it moved the measures where you wanted them.

If the bug gets figured out it might affect you score at a later date.

If you're saying you have, say, 82 measures, and they are laying out as 8 systems of 10 measures each, then a final system of 2 measures, and you'd prefer something more like, 8 systems of 9 measures, then a final system of 10, then simply add line breaks every nine measures.

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That's about right except just pushing those last two (or three) measures into half the page on the left is fine. As the system does sometimes.
What I had (that mysteriously disappeared) was two measures only on the bottom line and with maybe two or three notes only in each.
I didn't like the look of it.
Evenly spaced or something is what I like, more or less.

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That is what the "last system fill threshold" adjustment is for. It tells MuseScore what length of system can be "left alone" and not stretched to fill the space between the margins. This is mentioned as the first item in the first reply on this thread with a link to the appropriate place in the handbook.

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